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Season 2 2021 Domestic Club Basketball is locked and loaded! Don't miss the Boat (or Ship).

The new seasons of Domestic Club Basketball kick off this week.

  1. Juniors aged 5 to 18* this year will commence on either Friday 16 July or Saturday 17 July 2021. Contact your closest Club to join up: NEW PLAYERS | pirates-basketball (

  2. Tuesday Night Women - 13 July 2021. Two divisions of competitions with games commencing after 6pm this season. We currently have 13 teams ready to suit up tomorrow night! Contact Chris at to still get your team in for Week 2!

  3. Wednesday Night Men's will start their new season on Wednesday 21 July. Download your team nomination form and send it to Cheyne asap. Spots are filling up fast and divisions are limited. NEW PLAYERS | pirates-basketball (

  4. Sunday Night Men have another couple of weeks before their current season finishes. Team nominations for the new season commencing on 22 August will open on 1 August,


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