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Our History

Up until the end of 1996, basketballers and their families local to the area were travelling to Carina and Auchenflower to play basketball. They decided to form an association closer to their homes. Meetings were held at several locations, between key stakeholders, to assess the feasibility of creating a new association. In 1997, Sunnybank Hills State School’s activity hall with one full court and modified cross-court set-up became the Pirates first home.


As we grew too big for just one location, we expanded our competitions to include Algester Primary School (1 court and modified cross-court set-up) and Runcorn High (2 courts).


The Pirates moved their 'office' to Runcorn High and managed the canteen during competition times. There was then a second move of the 'office' to Calamvale College when competitions began there.


Hibiscus Stadium was finally secured and it became known as 'The Ship', the current home of the South West Metro Pirates.

Why are our Pirate colours Gold, Purple and Red?

When the Pirates became an association in 1997, the colours stemmed from the three founding clubs of South West. The three original club singlets hang on the wall at the stadium to always remind us where we came from. So wear the Pirate colours with pride because now you know you are wearing 25 years of Pirate history!

Algester Hawks









Sunnybank Hills Hurricanes



Runcorn Rockets




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