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North to South West!

Luke Pittle and Alex Boardman have travelled very different journeys but at the same time their stories contain many commonalities!

Luke went to Brisbane Boys College, Alex went to Nudgee but both were Northside juniors. Both are 21 y.o. this year. Luke started basketball early, whereas Alex started late yet both were coached by former Pirate's coach Wayne Larkins. Luke has competed in many Australian Championships, while Alex was selected, he could not participate due to an untimely injury. Luke is a guard and Alex a forward. Both were key players in a State U18 Championship winning team. Luke has spent time in the US college system while Alex has been plying his trade in the QBL. for the last 3 years

Both are hard nosed competitors and both were searching for an opportunity to continue their development when the Northside Wizards pulled out of the Queensland Basketball League after the 2015 season.

Luke is a solid 6'1" combo guard known for his intensity and ability to help his team win games. Alex is a 6'6" power forward who can play above the rim.

Both have boarded the "Ship" to share another journey!

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