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Shifting the Focus: The Pirates Community Chest Initiative


As an association, it's easy to become absorbed in our internal objectives like expansion and team success. Our new Community Chest initiative flips our focus back to the community, and asks, "What can we do for you?"


The initiative is centred on building a strong presence and connection within the SWM Pirates community, providing opportunities for those in need and who are in disadvantaged situations to play the game that we all love.


Throughout the year, we'll be conducting various programs that you may want to participate in – keep an eye out for more information.

Join us in giving back! Pirates Community Chest3.png
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Christmas Basketball & Shoe Drive

Do you have pre-used basketball shoes or basketballs that are still in good condition? Here's an opportunity to donate them to children in need. Most kids outgrow their basketball shoes every six months or so, leaving their old shoes in relatively good condition. Instead of throwing them away or selling them, consider donating them to a family or child who might not be able to afford basketball shoes to play in.


In addition, providing a basketball for kids to play with, even at the local park, promotes physical activity and encourages participation. Unfortunately, low-income families may not be able to afford a basketball, so providing one for free would be a wonderful gift. Perhaps you have multiple pre-used balls lying around at home, or you can buy a low-cost rubber ball (size 5, 6, or 7) to donate. Your contribution can make a difference in a child's life.

As part of the Pirates Community Chest initiative the Pirates will be providing a collection point for your pre loved shoes and basketballs at Hibiscus. Boxes will be in the foyer area from Wed 15th Nov to Wed 6th Dec. We will then work with Citipointe Marketplace Brisbane to distribute to families and kids in need in our local community through their network.

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