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The prospects of the Dionysius Transport QBL Men teams received a significant boost with Jarred Bairstow committing to another season. Bairstow brings size, toughness, smarts and a motor that does not quit. Jarred was member of numerous junior state teams and is a seasoned QBL performer at only 23 y.o.!

Jarred is a 6'7" small forward, currently in his senior season at the University of Central Oklahoma. As the MVP of the Pirates team in 2015, his presence gives the club another pillar alongside Brendan Teys to build the team around.

Jarred on coming back to the Pirates:

"Having the opportunity to play with Brendan (Teys) was a big factor for me. He is a great player and team mate and does whatever is needed to do to help his team win!"

Head Coach Nate Tate on having Jarred return to the Pirates:

"Looking forward to worhing with him given what he did last year with his attitude and work ethic. He will be a great fit for this team!"

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