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Pirates welcome Chris Angus as CEO

The South West Metro Pirates are pleased to welcome our new CEO – Chris Angus to The Ship.

“The Management Committee are thrilled to have Chris as our new CEO. With over 17 years experience in basketball administration, he has a proven track record in developing and growing basketball associations. We want to make the Pirates the association that everyone wants to be a part of, and we believe Chris will help us achieve this.” - Keith Anthony (President)

Chris, who is currently Operations Manager at Basketball Queensland, will commence the CEO role from Tuesday 3rd October; "I look forward to meeting all the many great people involved at South West Metro and learning about what we do well, what things we could improve on and what the fabric of the association is across all levels, whether it be with the staff, the clubs, the volunteers or our members. We want to be the association of choice in our region and that comes through sharing the vision through high levels of communication, but also through action by implementing and strengthening our plans and processes. I am all in with this role and I want our members to be proud of who we are, who we are becoming and what we do as an association, that isn't just about me, it is about all of us taking the journey together, feeling valued and enjoying our community." – Chris Angus

Make sure you welcome Chris to the ship!


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