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Wednesday Night Men's competitions at Hibiscus are re-commencing soon!

The good news is that we are coming back to Basketball soon!!!! 😊

We will have 2 Grading weeks, commencing on Wednesday 15 July, with the season commencing on the tablets on 29 July.

There will be 18 competition rounds after Grading, with Semi Finals to be held on 9 December and Grand Finals on 16 December.

Please note that the Men's competitions will not be played on 11 November, as Hibiscus is not available on that night and games will be played on the nights of the first and third Rugby League State of Origin games (4/11 & 18/11 respectively).

This new Team Nomination form is required to be completed and returned to by Monday 6 July, to be included in games to be played on the 15th .

All players with existing SWM-BQ registration as at 13 March will have 120 days automatically added onto their registration.

All new players will be required to register online at: after 1 July 2020.

With the season to start again, we have the 4 courts booked, in anticipation of a similar number of teams, or more, nominating.

Get your team members, friends and basketballing fanatics together who have been denied playing for the past few months, to come and join us this coming season!

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