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SWMBI-BQ Registration Renewal Notifications

South West Metro (SWMBI) has received numerous enquiries regarding the expiry of our member's registrations and if and how the registration periods will be extended, because we are unable to play basketball.

The Registration link on our website has been disabled for the time being and it will be live again once a start date is known.

Please just ignore any automated reminders you may receive and then renew your membership once we resume our fixtures.

SWMBI are guided by the Basketball Qld stance on their website and this information can be located in their "Covid-19 FAQ's" page,

Q: Am I entitled to a refund given the suspension of basketball activities?

A: The suspension of basketball activities is a temporary measure. Once it is safe to return to playing basketball, all basketball activities will resume.

If you are seeking a refund for any reason, you should first consult with your association.

If you were registered with BQ at the time that competition was suspended and your registration expiry date was more than 14 day from the suspension date, be assured that BQ will work with your association so that your registration expiry date will be extended for the duration that competition was suspended.

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