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New Sunday Night Men's season at Hibiscus is nearly full!

Basketball is alive and well in south-east Qld!

A record 53 teams have now nominated in our Sunday Night Men's competition, which is currently in the Grading period, with the first round commencing on Sunday 26 May 2019.

We have limited places left for new teams in our (Division 1) Gold and (Division 2) Purple competitions, with nominations now closed for the Red and White Divisions (3 and 4).

There are a few teams still looking to complete their playing rosters, but this is mainly in the Gold, Purple & Red divisions.

If you want to be a part of one of the best competitions around, please email Chris at before it's too late!

The final Grading will be this Sunday, with games commencing at 2.50pm (Our last game slot is 8.20pm).

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