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South West Metro Basketball is Proud to announce the return of Kellie Page to this seasons QBL Lady Pirates Team.

- Played in Melbourne for Diamond Valley - 4 years of College and graduated at a NAIA school in Nebraska - 3 years QBL for Bundaberg - 2nd year at South West Metro Lady Pirates

"As mentioned a number of times, keeping the core of our group together was very important to us as we continue to build this program, so getting Kel to re sign for another season was vitally important.

Recipient of the 2017 Coaches award Kellie is the ultimate team player and epitomises leadership and true sportsmanship and just as importantly can flat out shoot the ball. As a coach I like it when players work hard, do there best, ask questions and challenge the norm and this is exactly what Kellie will do" - Jason Chainey Head Coach


We were able to spend some time with Kel and ask her a few questions before the 2018 season.

1. What was your motivation to return this season? I’ve played basketball for so long, my love for the game was still strong I couldn’t not recommit. It definitely helped having a good group forming that I could be apart of.

3. What's the 2018 QBL Season going to look like for the lady Pirates? I think what excites me about 2018 is the versatility, talent, experience and good character we have in the group. There is so much passion in the group that I think we can really channel that and achieve some amazing things.

3. What do you do outside of basketball? I’m originally from Melbourne, played basketball since I was 5 and haven’t stopped since. I work two jobs - Brisbane correctional centre and F45. Love being around people.

4. What are the Pirates Community & Fan base are in for this season? Pirate fans are in for some exciting games this season. There is a great bunch of girls coming together to share their passion, competitiveness and love for the game so don’t miss the chance to see it on the court.

Thanks Kellie and Welcome back to the Ship Kellie!

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