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South West Metro Basketball Proudly welcomes Princeton Onwas to the Pirate Ship for the 2018 QBL Season.

* Seven Lakes High School - Defensive Player of the year * Navarro College (Junior) - National team, All region Team, First team all Conference. * University of Utah - ESPN Top Plays, Top 6, Top 8, NIT Tournament. * San Jose State University * Westchester Knicks, G League (NBA)

'On the Couch with Princeton Onwas'

Q. What were your motivations to join the Pirates Family?

One of the biggest motivations to join the Pirates family was the opportunity to play under Mick Downer. The atmosphere he creates for his players encourages family-like dynamic on and off the court. It's exciting to play under great leadership this season. Aside from the coaching staff, the returning players and the new add on's will make a strong team, giving us a shot at the title this year.

Q. What type of player are you and how can you help the team be successful on and off the court this year?

I am a multi-dimensional player who can contribute many aspects to the team. On the court, I love defending the ball I am a good teammate and friend who is supportive and always there when anyone needs me.

Q. What are a few interesting facts about you we can share with the Pirates family to get to know you?

My family is originally from Nigeria, making me a first generation American. In my free time, I like playing video games, going to the movies and spending time with my family and friends. Australia is the first country I have lived in outside of the U.S.

Q. What are your goals coming into the season?

My biggest goal is growing as a player, leaving better than I came. I want to gel with my new team quickly and make a run in the playoffs, ultimately leading us to a championship.

Q. What’s the strangest thing you’ve learnt about our Aussie culture?

The joke of the “drop bears,” where you may be walking under a tree and a koala bear will drop down and attack you.

Welcome to Pirate Ship and to the Pirates Family!

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