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Climb the Ladders!

All four senior Pirate teams came away with a win on Saturday against Toowoomba to start a climb up the ladders.

The Colourfast SBL women dominated Toowoomba to win convincingly. The girls have only lost one game and are 3 and 1. Northside have had an extra game and are in fourth place but have played an extra game and are 4 and 1. The top three teams are Seahawks, Spartans and Capitals who are all undefeated at this point.

The Colourfast SBL men struggled early but found their rhythm in the second half to secure the win over the Mountaineers. The Pirates are now 3 and 2 and sit in a pack of teams, behind front runners Northside 5-0, Gold Coast 4-1 and Seahawks 4-1.

The TripBookee QBL Pirate women out classed Toowoomba 93-52 and now sit just outside the top eight teams.

The WCMG QBL Pirate men had a nail biter. The Pirates were up by two points with 2.5 seconds left on the clock. Toowoomba had the possession and on an inbounds play, Jay Washington who player for the Pirates in the SBL last year, saw his three point shot scoop the ring and flip out. Dan Kickert was impressive for the Pirates and came up with some crucial plays. The much needed win gets the Pirates on the ledger at 1 and 4 and will be looking to move up one rung at a time.

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