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Could Cheslek be the Catalyst?

It is not often you get to see a triple double. In the last game for the TripBookee Pirate women against the Gold Coast, three players came close with Sidney Parsons and Maddy Willey both being two assists and two rebounds short. Shelby Cheslek almost got there scoring 15 points grabbing 10 rebounds and collecting 7 blocked shots according to Hudl video stats. Having three players in one game with a triple double is unheard of. The presence of Cheslek seems to making huge difference. Just how significant a difference, will be determined on Sunday at noon when the TripBookee Pirates take on the Mackay Meteorettes at the "Ship".

Mackay are stacked with WNBL talent Micaela Cocks , Nadeen Payne, Chevennah Paalvast, and Jacqui Zelenka. The Pirates also have a solid roster but Cheslek's presence might be the piece that makes the picture complete.

Sunday will be a good litmus test, with Stephanie Bairstow likely to return and everyone healthy it may take a few games for the chemistry to connect but it will be a great contest. Hopefully Cheslek is the catalyst to make it work

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