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McGrew Rock Solid for Pirates!

Tanner McGrew has served notice to the QBL that he is a force to be reckoned with, after a rock solid performance against one of the QBL's benchmarks of strength and power in the form of the Bundaberg Bull's Willie Shackleford. "Shaq" has been the bully of the league for a long time and I mean that in respectful way. His strength and ability to move people whether it be for a rebound or to muscle his way to the basket was matched by McGrew last night Shaq was still able to reel in 14 rebounds but was unable to maneuver his way to the basket for his easy baskets. McGrew finished with 25 points 17 rebounds 5 assists 3 steals and 2 blocks and no turnovers. The Pirates were just too efficient with Teys, Bairstow and Vines all in double figures and the team combining to shoot 50% from the field and dominating the boards 52 to 36 and assists 24 to 7. Rebounding was a problem for the Pirates last season, now that Bairstow has some help it is hard to imagine the Pirates being dominated in a rebounding battle for the rest of the season.

The Beast - Tanner McGrew on ball reversal!

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