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Undefeated Streak Ends with Loss to Top Team!

Coaches, Rob Crowther and Brian Kerle have had some impressive results with the ColourfastDIY SBL men's team in their first four rounds. In particular was a 5 point win at the Seahawks "Nest" in round two. The Seahawks are perennial grand finalists and have won 5 of the last 7 grand finals they have played in. Widely tipped as the next team to make the jump to QBL, they are usually the bench mark for SBL programs coached by Rick Lawyer. Rick coached the WNBL Brisbane team in the 80's while Brian was coaching Bullets. The Pirates winning streak was abruptly ended with a loss to the Northside Wizards, a team which has just dropped down to the SBL from the QBL this season. QBL stalwart and big man Dennis Thorton controlled the paint and with Luke Stewart's QBL experience guiding the team, the Wizards only needed at break out game from Fraser Lowrie to edge past the Pirates. The Pirates were led by Jay Washington with 24 points and had good contributions from five others, Chol Ater, Callum Bennie and Christian Pang with 9 points a piece and 8 each from Daniel O'Connnor and Jesse Brown but it was not enough to get past the Wizards.

The women's SBL team was hit by a double whammy with the injury bug. Starters Telesia Manumaleuga and Shandon Osborne were called up for QBL duties because of injuries to QBL players Charlie Kiemann and Celeste Williams, which left captain Maggie Pitt steering the Ship as the only guard. Maggie went down with an ankle injury in the first quarter followed by promising young gun Letitia Hare shortly after. The players adjusted well to unfamiliar roles with an opportunity to bring the margin back to single figures late in the second quarter. However a three minute lapse saw the lead blow out to 20 and the Wizards were never really challenged again.

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