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Final Big Piece, Bigger than Expected!

The Dionysius Transports Pirates are pleased to announce the signing of centre, Jason Conrad.

Jason is a legit 7'0' 250lbs 5-man who can really run the court, very soft hands with a nice shooting touch that extends to the 3pt line, he is also a solid free throw shooter. A bit of a late bloomer who is just now starting to show what he is really capable of, on the basketball court. His style of play will fit very well at the QBL level, where he is able to run the pick and pop, or roll hard to the basket and finish strong above the rim. His enormous wingspan and ability to move on his feet help to make Jason a strong defender who will block or change shots in the paint.

The club is working hard to have all the paperwork done so Jason can be on court as soon as possible.

To watch some highlights from his team in Europe click on the image of Jason dunking!

Welcome aboard the "Ship" Jason Conrad!

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