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Carlson into Grand Final in Germany!

The big dream has come true! By 63:56 the BasCats USC Heidelberg also won the second Playoff Semifinals in DJK Brose Bamberg and are now for the first time in club history in the final for promotion to the Division 1. Bundesliga. On Sunday, April 10 at 16.30, the first final match will take place in Bad Aibling. The second leg takes with great probability on Saturday, April 16 at 16.30 in domestic ISSW instead. The Fireballs were the TSV Speyer-Schifferstadt also in the second leg at 76:53 no chance and remain unbeaten this season. The April 10 is the birthday of coach Dennis Czygan ... I thought a double lucky?

It was shortly after 18 o'clock. Ten seconds were still playing in the County Staufenberg hall to Bamberg. The BasCats playing time down, Serena Benavente had the ball. The final siren they threw the ball toward the hall ceiling. And then there was no stopping. The players from the bench stormed along with coaches on the pitch. Cheers, hugs, tears of joy. Anna Meusel opened a bottle of champagne and sprayed it over all. It was an infinite joy, relief and satisfaction of having finally made it in the sixth attempt. Five times the BasCats had failed in the semifinals, now they're in the final and have the awaited medal safely. "We finally made it," beamed Serena Benavente and jumped her coach's arms. Then Sara wreath Höfer lay in the arms of the coach. 23 titles have won the two together in his youth, it was her dream to achieve something great even among women. Now it's done. The March 27, 2016 marks the greatest success in the club's history of USC Heidelberg in the women's area.

It was a defensive masterpiece, were delivering the BasCats in Bamberg. What had kept after the first leg nobody for possible entered. "We need to force them into difficult throws" Laurien Lummer had previously said. And they succeeded. They stopped the distance shooters of DJK by unusually aggressive play on the outer positions. Not a single Dreier met Liisi Sokman, Kathrin Good and Co. The BasCats could ever only four three throws to. Instead, they sank in turn four of the (first) distributed on three shooters: Myrto Stampoulidou, Marlene Angol and Helena CHATZITHEODOROU.

The start was excellent as in the first leg. Serena Benavente, Laurien Lummer- and Berit Adrion made for a 6: 0 lead. After 8: 2 Bamberg began and came to two points to Viertelpause zoom. In the second quarter the BasCats pulled away again at 23:16. Simply defended excellently. Sara wreath Höfer was everywhere, fought under the baskets, ran and passed. Bamberg took focusing off Erica Carlson little. The American had remained in the first quarter without a point, but met another, and even from a distance. To break it was 33:27 for BasCats.

In the second half, the central Heidelberg made right there on. With a 10: 2 run the preliminary decision seemed already fallen at 43:29. At this time, had told Miranda Cantrell only four and Ieva Jansone only six points. But then the young Julia Förner and Miranda Cantrell turned on. For the last quarter break Bamberg had come only ten points, but after about three minutes of the final quarter it was only 47:50. Now the enormous development of the team showed. You can now cope well with pressure and decide scarce Games. But Sara wreath Höfer and Serena Benavente increased again 55:47. About two minutes from time had Berit Adrion with the fifth foul from the field. Anna Meusel came into the game and broke the final Bambergerinnen neck. A free throw and a basket from close range brought the 58:51 for BasCats. Bamberg had foulen what Kranz Höfer heartily used (9/11 of the line) and Benavente.

Now the final is thus achieved. Bad Aibling remains the big favorite. But according to the outstanding achievements of BasCats in the two semi-finals much seems possible. Maybe even the promotion to the 1st Women's basketball league? It would be a miracle and the absolute culmination of a great season at the same time. The pressure has definitely Bad Aibling because everyone expects the rise. The BasCats hand can play unloaded.

Transcript: 0: 6 (3), 14:16 (10), 16:23 (14) 27:33 (halftime), 27:40 (23), 29:43 (25), 36 : 46 (30), 47:50 (34th), 47:55 (35th), 52:58 (39th), 56:63 (end of period).

Points BasCats: Wreath Höfer 13, Benavente 12, Stampoulidou 8/2, Carlson 8, Adrion 7, CHATZITHEODOROU 5/1 Lummer- 4, Angol 3/1, Meusel 3, Zipser.

Best throwers Bamberg: Cantrell 14, Jansone 11, Förner 11, Lehnert. 8

Rebounds (40:28): Carlson 10, Kranz Höfer 9, Adrion 9. Bamberg: Cantrell 11, Jansone. 4

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