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That CK Designer Jump Shot Returns!

Charlie Kiemann is all class, a picture perfect jump shot, a great team mate and a heart of gold! The Dionysius Transport Pirates welcomes her return to the "Ship" for the 2016 season. Her easy going demeanor masks an underlying fierce competitive spirit.

Charlie was a part of the last Pirate junior team to be crowned State Champions winning the 2011 under 18 state championships.

The Pirate's junior teams have come close to capturing a state championship in recent years with the under 14 girls coming close last year. That may change this year with the under 16 girls dominating the local BQJBC competition. The girls compete in the State Championships this week in Townsville.

You can follow their progress here:

Charlie is another of the Pirates to successfully transition from junior basketball through to the QBL via the SBL program. It is a path well worn by Pirate juniors over the years. Hopefully, Charlie can pass the batton to the next wave of aspiring Pirates and share her championship winning experiences with this years U16 girls at the Pirate's Sunday Funday on April 10th at Hibiscus 10.00am - 2.00pm!

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