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Silver, Bronze, now Purple and Gold!

Zitina Aukuso and Jamieson McMullen have had a very successful and colourful few weeks. Two weeks ago the pair helped the Pirates U21 women's team make it to the finals of BQJBC, before falling at the last hurdle to collect a silver medal. This past week the pair represented Queensland at the U20 Australian Junior Championships in Ipswich and came away with a bronze medal. This week they start their preparations with the Pirates QBL in purple and gold.

Zitina averaged 13 points a game and 13 rebounds a game at the Australian Championships capturing the attention Opals coach Brendan Joyce. Zitina received a call up to the Australian U19 camp in January where her teamates posted a video of her dunking. The video went viral with over 87 000 views. The word got out and the media came to do an interview and to confirm what they had seen so she did it again. (see above)

This season Pirates fans will be there for the girls warmups! If Zitina dunks it in a game for the Dionysius Transport Pirates in the QBL this season she will create history again!

Pure GOLD!

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