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A NEW CAPTAIN FOR THE SHIP! Boomers’ assistant coach to navigate!

Nate, a 16 year veteran of the QBL, brings championship experience to the Pirates, having won the championship as a player with Townsville in 1999. He has played under many great coaches with NBL experience and will no doubt carry those experiences into his first opportunity at this level. Much of Nate’s coaching experience has been in Townsville coaching numerous teams to championships and helping out with the Queensland North State Camps under the guidance of the north’s State Performance Manager, Scott Butler. Since moving to Brisbane, Nate has immersed himself in the Pirate’s program becoming the assistant coach of the QBL men’s team and taking on the Pirates U18 boys team this season. Nate is also the U18 Men’s Queensland South State Team assistant coach, working closely with the south State Performance Manager, Ben Johnson. Nate now gets to work and learn from Boomers assistant coach Mick Downer.

“The club is extremely pleased to have Mick on board. His knowledge and support is highly valued given his busy schedule in the lead up to the Boomer’s tilt at a medal at the Rio Olympics.” said Pirates GM Rob Tankey, “ Mick’s NBL and Boomers’ experience will be invaluable to Nate in setting up the structure and content of the QBL program.”

“Nate has such an upbeat and positive attitude. His energy is contagious. I believe, with Nate and Mick, we have a great team that will make playing with the Pirates a very attractive proposition for players wanting take their game to the next level!” said Pirates QBL Chairman Peter Pollock.

Welcome aboard!

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