Term 1 2022 McDonald's Superhoopers information

The Term 1 information is now on the Pirates website, www.piratesbasketball.net.au under the "New Players" tab.

McDonald's Superhoopers is a skill development program, with the focus being on the skills and drills that will improve passing, shooting, dribbling and on-court listening, to upskill the participants to the next level and nurture their love of basketball.

McDonald's Superhoopers registrations are open now and our coaches are looking forward to welcoming you back in February!

For participants that are wanting to move up a level this term, we have the S.S. Pirateball sessions at Runcorn High.

These sessions will incorporate a 10 minute mini-skills session, followed by a mini-scrimmage to put the skills learnt into action on the court. Coaches will be on the smaller court assisting the participants, using a size 5 ball.

A different registration form is required to be completed for S.S. Pirateball:

South Western Metro Basketball - GameDay Registration (mygameday.app)

For more information, please contact Chris at admin@southwestbasketball.com.au #piratesbasketball #mcdonaldssuperhoopers #juniorbasketball #basketballskilldevelopment #sspirateball