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How You Climb a Mountain is More Important than Reaching the Top

Coaches have a mantra, "take care of the process and the results will follow". It's ironic that a business that was built on understanding, following and tracking processes will become the naming rights sponsor of the South West Metro Pirates men's team.

The business started with founder Ronnie Chio and his experiences in multitude of industries at all levels.

His early working days began with making prescription eye glasses in a factory and later moved to a warehouse operations for an online grocery shopping company. An opportunity came up to move into an office position administrating the drivers and their cash collections. Here the early understandings of operations began by seeing the processes and how it translate to bottom lines.

He progressed his career initially in the disciplines of accounting. Through his accounting experience combined with working on the ground in operations, Ronnie learnt the grey area between accounting and operations. He was presented with an opportunity to work for a multi-national organization initially as their accountant but quickly promoted to national operations and business analyst. His experience expands mergers, takeovers and divestments.

In the midst of this, it eventuated that one day, the data contents within the financial and operations systems needed to be transformed into useable information to be able to design acquisitions, takeovers, mergers and divestment strategies and packages. Through these experiences, Ronnie saw the importance of data, systems, and controls.

Throughout his professional career, it was always about the process… the process of learning, the process of positioning and the process of taking actions. DO it – MASTER it – Make a process of it so you can TEACH it.

With an uncommon combination of on the ground experience and expertise in operations and finance, Ronnie and his team quickly became a sought after consultants assist in implementing SAP (Systems Applications Products), data management and processing software, across 22+ countries.

His company WCMG Pty Ltd is based at Brisbane Technology Park at Eight Mile Plains and services Australia as well as Asia, the Americas and Europe. The company serves customers in the oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, government and mining industries. The Queensland Government, Aurizon and Rio Tinto are just a few of the customers serviced since consulting operations began in 2006.

From the WCMG website,

"WCMG is a consulting and services company specializing in enterprise data solutions that enable management and governance of critical data for an enterprise. Its “build, fix and sustain” approach, along with best-in-class software, empowers customers to get their data right, and keep it right. WCMG’s solutions enable high-integrity analytics that help decision makers run their businesses with better decisions, faster."

Ronnie and his wife Zoya have a young family who play in the Pirates junior representative teams and are actively involved with Hurricanes Basketball Club.

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