Queensland State League

The Queensland State League for Men and Women provides an avenue for high-level competition for young developing players, players at their pinnacle, and players who have stepped down from elite competition. The season runs from March to July. Generally players are between 16 and 23 years of age but some more senior players do play in the competition. 

The competition provides the opportunity for players to play/train harder and at a higher level which gives them an opportunity to learn and grow and work toward their goals such as NBL1 or US college basketball.



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NBL1 is a semi professional Men's and Women's National Competition. This means that some of the top players are professional basketball players. It is one of the pathways to playing in the NBL or US College basketball system. NBL1 is the highest level of competition that the Pirates compete in. The Pirates are part of the Northern Division of NBL1. There is also a South (TAS & VIC), West (WA), East (NSW & ACT) and Central Division (SA). The Northern Division teams are from throughout Queensland plus Darwin. The winner of each division plays at a National Championship at the end of the regular season. More information on the teams and NBL1 competition can be found here

NBL1 games are at a high level of competition with many NBL players and US players playing in the League. This is something that our junior Pirates who wish to play at a high level should work toward being a part of. We currently have a number of South West juniors in our NBL1 teams. Cameron Gordon, Brandon Edwards, Lillyanna Edwards, Sue McHugh, Zac Carter and Brendan Teys all played for the Pirates as a junior and now are representing us in NBL1.

The NBL1 competition runs from late March to July. There are many ways you can support our teams through sponsorship of players, corporate sponsorship or just coming along and cheering on the teams. Whatever you do, don't miss out on our game night experience at The Ship!

More information on NBL1